FAST LISA takes action to develop
tools and measures focused on detecting, understanding and combating hate speech online


FAST LISA aims to equip young people, academics and experts, local authorities and NGOs/CSOs/Associations working in the field of social inclusion, with more refined and deeper capacities of understanding and counteracting hate speech online, which would durably contribute to prevent and combat racism, xenophobia, intolerance and any form of violence against anyone who is considered “other”.

The main aim is to create a consolidated and cross-border standard tool and protocol for the understanding, detection and counteraction of online hate speech.

In this first phase, the FAST LISA Tool will be developed. Among its components, one application for learning purposes will consist of a chat room where users will be able to interact to detect and contrast hate speech. A Dashboard will display an abstracted summary extracted from chat conversations including different community maps and graphs.

The second phase will develop a Capacity Building program, addressing the youth ambassadors (mentored by experts and coaches) in the three FAST LISA target areas, strengthening their skills to promote the project’s actions and results in their own communities. Young adults, experts and partners staff will become players using the application of the FAST LISA Tool and will be in charge of characterizing certain messages as hate speech or not.

The third phase will be dedicated to the Engagement and it will work on two levels
Institutional level:
partner cities and local authorities will develop Cities Strategies for contrasting hate speech and Workshops for upscaling the project at EU level.
Community level:
the Young Ambassadors will lead a process focused on spreading the project messages in their communities and raise awareness among their peers.

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FAST LISA aims to carry out its actions in Italy, Germany and Spain simultaneously, thanks to a partnership between academia, city governments and local organizations: to this end, the projec consortium consists of at least one University and one local institution for each country. On top of this, Tree Agency from Estonia leads communication and dissemination within the consortium, with a dedicated expertise in this field.

FAST LISA will promote a strong engagement of several stakeholders who will participate in a co-design process that will cover all project’s actions.

  • Partners
  • Young Ambassadors
  • External Advisor Board
  • Public authorities and
  • policy makers
  • NGO and CSOs


FAST LISA Kick-Off Meeting
6 may 2022 – Bologna, Italy

The partnership engages partners with different expertise and profiles which will be sharing knowledge and best practices among them.

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